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don’t tag anyone in California in the ALS challenge



UNLESS YOU KNOW that they can afford to donate the $100.

We are in the middle of a HUGE drought and water/energy bills are expected to spike in the next couple of months. If you’re still going to do it, stand over some plants that you would have watered anyway.

SUPPORT THE ALS CAUSE but do not support wasting water in the middle of a drought that’s only getting worse.

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Genia and her husband… love the photo! Via her FB.

So cute <3

i love genechka so much ♥

I can’t even this is too cute 

BUT WHAT ABOUT BREAKFAST: Breaking down what was happening behind the scenes. Min, if you haven’t surmised, is basically a Hobbit.
(And shoutout to Mama C&V in blue, who was supposed to come along for fun, and ended up being a much-needed peon during a particularly hectic shoot. My mama > alla your Mamas. Except on every third Wednesday - Min.)
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